Tests and Exam Preparation

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We provide courses to cater to the specific needs of our learners. The core success for all courses depends on our testing system. We have a methodological approach to our assessment pattern which involves Teaching -Testing – Feedback– Testing– Record of progress. Our target is simple! Prepare you for your success.

Testing, at KNOWLEDGE focuses on analysing the learner’s capability to comprehend information given. The system emphasis on our students potential to adapt effectively in accordance to any environment they are in; potential to use experience and life situations for learning; develop an attitude to reason out in varied situations and overcome all hurdles that might hinder their thinking process. We have a systematic testing frame based on coaching- practice – testing –feedback and repeated testing.

To become effective students are encouraged and given guidance on study skills. Moreover, last minute cramming is discouraged. Performance on tests is required for academic success; at the same time sleep and a relaxed mind is essential to be productive and to standout.

Students are encouraged to plan their study time this is required to achieve high performance levels. A weekly schedule should include regular sessions and study. The best way to study and prepare for tests is to seek guidance from teachers on how to prepare for exams and having a clarity on topics or subjects on which you as a student will be tested; the duration of exams and marks accolated for every division in the exams you undertake.