Our yardstick is based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  1. Intensive course for Adults – 52 weeks
  2. General course for Adults– 52 weeks
  3. Basic course for Adults – 12 weeks
  4. Junior course – Age 7 to 15
  5. TOEFL - 6 to 52 weeks
  6. IELTS Preparation - 8 to 52 weeks
  7. GMAT - 8 to 52 weeks
  8. Internship – 6 to 9 months (integration of language studies and teaching experience)
  9. Volunteer – 8 weeks

*There are no short- cuts when it comes to learning. We do not offer crash courses 😀

General components for all language courses:

Level – Beginner to Advanced
  1. Language Lessons
  2. Project Sessions
  3. Special Interest Lessons based on your requirements

* Other specifications will be explained to you in person by the specified language instructors.

German Language Course

A1 and A2 level

Salient Features:

Free Demo Sessions


Regular Assignments

Flexible Slots

Small Groups for Individual Focus

Exam Preparation

Low Fees Structure

Customised Course Material

Medium of Instructions in Tamil & English.


Level - Intermediate to Advanced


The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test your ability to use American English in academic settings.


Type – General / Academic


English level for academic or professional reasons.


Level - Intermediate to Advanced


Prepare for business and management success.



Combination of language learning, teaching experience ( unpaid position), writing CV’s and Interviewing techniques. You can opt for a 6-month program or a 9-month program.

*Fix an appointment for more details.



We are support researchers. If you’re a researcher, you are welcome to join us for a short term as specified. Enrich your understanding through participation, discussions and sharing of valuable knowledge. Our community welcomes you with open arms!

Junior courses

Tailor made for our young leaners in accordance to age group. The sessions offer everyday communication, debating techniques, creative writing and a lot more it’s a world filled with fun.

Language Levels Overview

Beginner You have no previous knowledge of the language, but you’ll soon be able to make your first steps towards making progress
A1 Breakthrough You can already form and understand simple sentences
A2 Elementary You can understand simple newspaper articles. Writing letters and making spontaneous statements are no problem
B1 Intermediate You already have comprehensive prior knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
B2 Upper Intermediate You have a solid knowledge of the language. You are able to present specialist topics and able to have conversations on almost any subject
C1 Proficiency Alongside specialist technical vocabulary you can also communicate at the highest level
C2 Mastery You have perfect knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. You can communicate almost like a native speaker