Learn German

Mike Bilborough at TESOL- Spain

Learn German Language, from Mrs. Chitra Balakrishnan a resident of Germany.

Mrs. Chitra Balaji, was an Associate Professor and Head of the Chemistry department in RMK College, Chennai ( affiliated with Anna University). She at present resides in Germany, Munich.

At present she volunteers to teach Tamil at München Tamil School as an Academic coordinator since 2018. And teaches German Language to students with an international background.

Mrs. Chitra has a proven history of Academic excellence in providing various courses in German language and has taught and trained students. She possesses a great level of fluency in Tamil, German ,English and Hindi languages. Her teaching expertise maximizes learning and with a set limitation to the number of students in each batch she pay individual attention to each student and helps them progress.

Our expert has over eighteen years of teaching experiences at the college level. And over ten years of research experience in the field of electrochemical synthesis and solid-state chemistry.

She has to her credit contributed as a leader

  1. As the Head in charge of Chemistry Department
  2. Played a key role in implementing ISO 9002 standards
  3. Been the department coordinator for college cultural and literary events

Professional Membership:

  1. ISTE (International society for Technology in Education) – M.No: LM105442
  2. ISRD (International society for research and development) – M.Id: M4150901736

Mrs. Chitra Balaji in addition is a stage performer when it comes to singing and loves to interact with children and engage them as a storyteller.